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The Ben’s Bell Award and Giving Back

August 20, 2015

In our company, giving back means a whole lot. Getting the Ben’s Bell Award was a big deal. It’s a symbol of our desire to help our community and its residents. The following is the article published in the news section of when Pioneer Plumbing’s Founder, Mike Motzkin, received the award.

Tucson business owner believes kind acts should be the norm

By Veronica M. Cruz

The recipient of this week’s Ben’s Bell Award is Mike Motzkin, the owner of Pioneer Plumbing.

Motzkin was nominated by John McComb, for donating labor and materials for a much needed upgrade of the plumbing system in the McComb family’s home.

McComb’s 7-year-old daughter, Caroline, has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer since last December.

“Cancer and all that comes with it is disruptive and overwhelming enough without our having other stressors to deal with namely destructive plumbing leaks of which we had four in the past year,” McComb wrote in his nomination letter.

After the latest plumbing leak, McComb suggested to his wife that they call Pioneer Plumbing because the company had good ratings on Angie’s List.

Two Pioneer Plumbing employees fixed the leak and shared the McCombs’s story with the rest of the staff at a weekly meeting.

When Motzkin heard their story he immediately offered to help the family.

“He told the guys, ‘Look, these guys have got bigger things to worry about. We just gotta help them out,’ ” McComb said.

Nine employees donated their time and labor on a Saturday a few weeks ago to replace all of the pipes in McComb’s home.

The Pioneer team’s act of kindness served as an example of something positive for the family that has been going through hard times, McComb said.

“We felt the grace of God through this gesture of kindness and what a blessing,” McComb wrote in his nomination letter.

As McComb got to know more about Motzkin he learned that Motzkin and his team often step up to help those in need.

“He just believes these gestures should not be the exception, they should be the norm,” McComb said of Motzkin.

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