DIY plumbing issue

DIY plumbing projects gone wrong

When DIY plumbing goes really wrong   DIY plumbing gone wrong… Draining your water heater: The water heater does not require the water to be “drained”, but simply to flush the sediments from within the tank to help avoid accumulation. Rather than trying to “drain” the water heater tank of its water, it can be…


Al’s video testimonial

A client of Pioneer Plumbing explains he called on the plumbing specialist for a back-up problem in a septic system, and got the issue resolved within hours.


Kelly’s video testimonial

Kelly, Principal of Erin Design, a noted remodeling firm in Tucson, explains in this brief video testimonial why she has been a client of Pioneer Plumbing Heating & Cooling for many years…


Ben’s Bell Award

In our company, giving back means a whole lot. Getting the Ben’s Bell Award was a big deal. It’s a symbol of our desire to help our community and its residents. The following is the article published in the news section when Pioneer Plumbing’s Founder, Mike Motzkin, received the award.   Tucson business owner believes kind acts…


Inside Tucson Business

Mike Motzkin on local business alliances

A reproduction of an article published some time ago in Inside Tucson Business. Mike, the owner of Pioneer Plumbing, was one of the interviewees and he expressed his views on how local business alliances make a difference for small businesses.