Water Treatment, Testing & Services

Pharmaceutical water treatment systemWe install, maintain and repair your water treatment systems throughout your corporate premisses, industrial facilties and commercial properties to the highest standard of workmanship and safety.

We provide a free 10-point analysis and evaluation of your installation. We also offer full 100-point laboratory tests for well-water systems.

There are many treatment options dependent upon the desired result. If taste and odor are your concern, we install, maintain and repair whole-building filtration systems, individual fixture filtration systems as well as full custom-designed advanced water treatment systems.

For those businesses that need pure water for any purposes we offer point-of-use reverse osmosis units as well as large systems for greater usage.

If your concern is calcium build-up, or cleaner laundry with the use of less soap and water spotting (e.g. hotels, spas, etc.), we offer multiple options for whole-building ionic exchange softeners using sodium or potassium.

If your only concern is the hardness of bonding to fixtures or glass, we also offer electronic treatment systems that use hundreds of electrical impulses to suspend the hardness to the center of the molecule and reduce the bonding process of the hardness.

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