Water Systems & Services

Water Systems - CP - 467 square-191-2We install, maintain and repair water systems throughout any business and property to the highest standard of workmanship and safety.

We offer quality installations of new systems, expansions to your current existing installation, repairs and upgrades.

All commercial properties are required to have reduced pressure back-flow preventing units that must be tested and certified once a year. We install, maintain, repair and test these units and even file all of the paperwork with the jurisdiction having authority in your area for your convenience.

We also offer protective cages, ballards for vehicular protection and freeze protection for the units. We offer full leak detection and line location services for that “hard to find” leak, minimizing the guess work.

For high water pressure issues we install, maintain and repair water pressure regulating and pressure-reducing valves. For low water pressure issues we install, maintain and repair all types of pumps, fix restrictions or blockages in valves, piping or fixtures and can even install pressure assisting systems.

We install, maintain and repair hot water recirculation systems and can install a new recirculating system non-invasively.

In addition to such systems, we also provide services for irrigation, de-ionized, and reclaimed water systems, timer and irrigation clocks, anti-syphon devices, misting ujnits, pool, spa and pond fill valves.

Although we live in the desert, on occasion we still experience deep freezes. We offer freeze protection using standard pipe insulation, full-metal jacket protection, custom insulating bags and custom-built freeze protection for the hard to insulate areas.

We provide full excavation and digging services with multiple types of digging equipment.