Public Accommodation Accessibility & ADA Compliance

Public Accommodation Accessibility: Elevator for the disabledThe American with Disabilities Act and, in California, the Unruh Act, make it mandatory for public accommodations to comply with a set of rules enabling people with motor and visual impairments to interact with the accommodations in a normal manner.

We are committed to insuring you, your employees and patrons can enjoy your facilities to their fullest capabilities, comfort and usability.

Compliance with public accommodation accessibility standards is a key component of the quality of a facility, whether it be a hospital, a nursing home, a place of worship, a restaurant, a hotel or an industrial warehouse.

We install, construct, maintain and repair facilities designed to maximize their use while maintaining the highest standard of workmanship and safety.

We can construct or repair your wheelchair access ramps. We can construct or repair wider door openings in your business. The installation of easy-to-use faucets and plumbing handles makes using fixtures less of a task. Comfort-height toilets and grab bars also increase the ease of use. Walk-in, roll-in showers, free-standing seats and wall-mount seats increase the feeling of security of your personnel when moving in wet areas.

We can also install handheld shower units for ease of use.

At Pioneer Plumbing Heating and Cooling, Inc., public accommodation accessibility has been a full pat of our business specialties for years.