Water Heater Installation, Service & Repair

Water heater installation - High Efficiency water heaterWater heating appliances consume high amounts of electricity or gas to operate properly. Our technicians are specifically trained to perform water heater installation, service and repair with the utmost consideration for your safety.

Today, there are more choices than just your standard tank type natural gas, propane and electric heaters. We also offer hybrid heaters, heat pump units and many types of tank-less heaters as well.

Tank-less heaters are available in a variety of sizes: from the small point-of-use unit under the kitchen sink for hot drinks, to large units capable of running an entire property.

We service all water heater types to protect the longevity of the units, your warranty and to protect your investment. We believe that servicing should not be optional: heaters are can become dirty really quickly if the water is hard. They can also be installed in unfavorable environments where there is too much humidity or too much heat. This will progressively degrade their normal operation.

We also offer code upgrades and updates on existing units.

Water Heater Service

At Pioneer Plumbing Heating and Cooling, Inc., your comfort and satisfaction are our goals.

It is our observation over the past 40 years that servicing a heater unit regularly shouldn’t be optional. Homeowners are often not made aware enough that these units need to be cleaned up internally at least once a year.

They are subjected to chemicals and hard water: when the quality of city supply isn’t great, the residue that accumulates at the bottom of the heater starts preventing it to function at best level, according to manufacturer specifications. In time, the damage from hard water leads to failure. This failure could have been prevented easily with simple regular service.

We recommend you to ask a qualified installer how often your unit should be serviced. You can call us and tell us your make, model and year of installation, and we’ll answer any question you may have about it. Call us at (520) 623-4444 and ask for a water heater specialist.

We are committed to installing, servicing and repairing your water heating appliances for your home to the highest standard of workmanship and safety so you and your family can enjoy the benefits of safely using them with complete peace of mind.