Leak detection & location services

Leak detection in faucets and pipes

Leaking pipes are unfortunately commonplace in residential plumbing systems. Sometimes a house “settles”, and the motion cracks pipes in the foundations.

Sometimes, the weather varies so much and so fast, that the material used is stressed to the point of cracking.

Sometimes, a quick expansion of sewage or water pipes will create an issue. Other times, a sudden colloing of the weather creates another form of stress and pipes crack.

Whatever the reason for the issue, leak detection tools have become part and parcel of any good plumber’s arsenal of tools. There is a methodology to tracking a problem, and special equipment to help.

Pioneer Plumbing Heating & Cooling is committed to trouble shooting, maintaining, locating and repairing all of your plumbing systems throughout your home and property to the highest standard of workmanship and safety using the proper equipment and knowledge to minimize costs and inconvenience.

For water leak detection and location we utilize audio detection equipment, electronic line location, as well as helium gas leak detection for the hard-to-find leaks.

For gas leak localization we can utilize multiple pressure testing techniques, electronic line location, audio detection equipment, as well as gas-sniffing equipment.

For sewer line leak detection, blockage location or location of the line we can utilize electronic line location or fiber optic camera line location and depth assessment.

Whatever your leak may be, our specialized equipment coupled together with our decades of knowledge saves you time and money.

Knowing how much damage a leak can do to a home, skillful techniques and great equipment make excellent dollar sense for your wallet. This is what Pioneer Plumbing Heating and Cooling, offers.