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Pioneer Plumbing Heating & Cooling installs, maintains and repairs any type of HVAC systems in residence and businesses, to the highest standard of workmanship and safety.

Air conditioning systems are a major investment, whether for a family or a business. When A/C units do not match your heating and cooling needs adequately, their operation becomes very costly. The sophisticated HVAC systems of today enable families and businesses to manage their air conditioning needs very finely and to lower their utility costs.

Pioneer Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s fully trained HVAC technicians help you evaluate your specific needs before you commit to investing in any HVAC upgrades or replacement.

The choice of an HVAC system suitable for Arizona must take into account the specific weather conditions of our area. No reputable HVAC contractor would for instance select for a Tucson home an A/C system designed to operate most efficiently in Florida: the technical specifications of such air conditioner would definitely not be adequate for the desert climate of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Likewise, it would not be nearly enough to measure the volume of your home to find out how many tons of air conditioning you need. There is more to know about your home habits and the lifestyle you want to have, than just some technical volume measurements.

The same applies to an office environment. The right HVAC units for an office will not just be selected by the HVAC contractor solely only on the basis of the total volume of the office. We will need to know how many people, the movements of personnel in and out of the office, the number of computers and heat-producing machines, the configuration of the hallways, the number of zones to cool/heat, etc. Budgetary and financing information also has to be taken into account. Many data have to be culled to make a selection that makes sense for your office.

Our HVAC technicians come to your residence, your commercial operations or your industrial facility, proceed with measurements and plans, then take in the data they need to do a proper evaluation of your needs. Only then can we propose the types of A/C units most suited for the result intended.

This is because we due our due diligence methodically and find out HVAC solutions exactly profiled to your case that Pioneer Plumbing Heating & Cooling has come to be known in Tucson as a reliable HVAC contractor of choice.

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Air Ducts

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