Pioneer Plumbing's Give-Back ProgramPioneer Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc. is a family-owned local business serving Southern Arizona since 1981. We offer plumbing, construction, heating and cooling services. We are proud members of Angie’s List, The Alliance of Construction Trades, Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, Southwest Gas referral service and more.

We understand most homeowners associations, groups and non-profit organizations have limited operating budgets with large responsibilities. We have come up with a unique way to assist in supplementing budgets for organizations like yours.

We’ll set up a tracking “campaign” in our computer system in your organization’s name. Our system prompts us to enter a campaign name for each job generated before we proceed with the call.

Every time someone calls for our services and gives us your organization’s name, the job is credited to your campaign account. On a quarterly basis (four times per year) we will run a report for your campaign account. We’ll send you a copy of that report along with a check for 5% of the labor amount collected at our standard rates for that time period.

In addition, upon request, we will invite you to our facility to meet our team and show you the accuracy of our tracking system.

We feel this is a great way to support our local community and donate back to each supporting organization.

If your organization is interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact Brian Brown, Construction Manager, at your convenience. We will answer all of your questions and even help you develop an effective way of passing our name to your constituents.

We will develop your “campaign” account and you will be well on your way to raising your operating budget.

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.