AccessibilityWe are committed to insuring you can enjoy your home to the fullest of your capabilities. We install, construct, maintain and repair facilities designed to maximize your use and enjoyment of your own home or property while maintaining the highest standard of workmanship and safety. We can construct or repair your wheelchair access ramps, and build or repair wider door openings in your home.

The installation of easy-to-use faucets and plumbing handles makes using your faucets less of a task.

Comfort height toilets and grab bars increase your ease of use.

Walk-in, roll-in showers, free standing seats, wall-mount seats and grab bars increase your feeling of security when using wet areas.

We can also install handheld shower units for ease of use.

At Pioneer Plumbing Heating and Cooling, Inc., your comfort and satisfaction is our goal. We meet any challenging situation with the eyes of experience and concern for your safety.