Gas systems - CP 467 square-2We are committed to installing, maintaining and repairing gas systems throughout your business premisses and property to the highest standard of workmanship and safety.

We provide complete services for natural gas (NG) as well as propane gas (PG) systems. We deliver quality installation services for new gas systems, expansions to existing systems and replacement of faulty systems. We work with low, medium and high pressure gas systems.

We install, maintain and repair private gas regulators for medium and high pressure systems. We install, maintain and repair master meter gas system, perform yearly leak surveys, manage cathotic protection and install private gas meters.

Years of excellence in service mean we enjoy a great running relationship with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Your business benefits directly from this.

We are readily available to install your gas appliances, commercial or industrial gas-fired units. We assist our corporate clients with any issues they experience with their existing systems.

We offer above- and below-ground leak detection, troubleshooting, pressure tests and repairs. We also perform code upgrades and updates as codes and regulations change over time. Often gas systems do not leak but do not meet the newest safety codes and standards.

We provide full excavation and digging services for your convenience with multiple types of digging equipment.